The Elizabeth House is a residential maternity and parenting program that supports women who are single and pregnant or have recently given birth. We provide a safe and secure environment for mothers to become emotionally healthy and self-sufficient. The majority of residents stay at The Elizabeth House for six to 12 months, but some stay longer to work on their goals. During this time, residents pay off debt, build savings, learn new skills, and work towards independence.

Residents build life skills that will help them to secure employment and housing, manage money and make good decisions. During each woman’s stay, she also learns effective parenting skills. Some women choose to explore modern adoption and make choose to make an adoption plan.

The Elizabeth House is not an emergency shelter. We are a program for women who wish to make changes in their lives. Each woman has her own bedroom and bathroom to share with her baby once he or she is born. The kitchen and living areas are shared with other moms and their children. We serve up to seven women at one time. Most are first-time moms, but some have another young toddler.

Our goal is to equip moms to rebuild and restore their lives through Biblical principles, education, job placement and emotional support. Women of all faiths or no faith are welcome in our program.

The Elizabeth House moms participate in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting education to help them be fully equipped to be the best moms they can be.

We’re here to help each mom gain the skills and resources she needs to thrive when she graduates from our program. After successful graduation, residents can continue to access The Elizabeth House for resources and support.

The Elizabeth House is a program of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County.
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