A Safe Place for a New Start for Pregnant Women

There is hope.

Life can be hard.
Change can be difficult.
We are here to help.

The Elizabeth House is a group home where you can live during pregnancy and after the birth of your child. An unexpected pregnancy can be hard. We're here to help support and help you find a path forward. You can do more than just survive. You can thrive! And our team is here to help you learn how.

Ready for a new start?

We'll provide you with a safe and secure environment for you to become emotionally healthy and self-sufficient. We'll also help you build life skills that will enable you to secure employment and housing, manage money and foster sound decision making. You'll be able to take childbirth education classes and also learn effective parenting skills or make an adoption plan.

Everything is free of charge so you can focus on becoming the woman and mother you want to be.

We are available 24-hours a day to encourage you.

The Elizabeth House is a program of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County.
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