The Elizabeth House is a maternity home for pregnant women or those who have just given birth.

We provide a safe and secure environment for mothers to become emotionally healthy and self-sufficient. Residents build life skills that will help them to secure employment and housing, manage money and foster sound decision making. They also learn effective parenting skills or make an adoption plan.

The dedicated and trained personnel are available 24-hours a day to care for and encourage each resident during her stay.

The Elizabeth House is not an emergency shelter. We are a program that provides help in the following areas: physical, emotional, spiritual and life skills needed to help you become self-sufficient and independent. Each woman has her own bedroom to share with her baby once he or she is born.

The Elizabeth House, founded in 2003, is a program of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the greater Madison area. 

The Elizabeth House is a member of the National Maternity Housing Coalition.

Our Principles

The Elizabeth House is a safe place for expectant moms who are ready to change the directions of their lives. We provide a supportive, structured, goal-oriented environment committed to the growth of moms and their babies, free of charge.

At The Elizabeth House, we go beyond meeting the basic needs of women and children we serve. Our objectives for all residents include:

  1. Develop life management skills
  2. Connect with support networks and community services to expand each woman’s resource base
  3. Support in making parenting decisions and establish effective parenting
  4. Have an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth
  5. Develop healthy relationship knowledge and skills

The Elizabeth House is a program of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County.
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